Quick steps to hire external AV provider

Many meeting and event planners don’t know that they can bring in their own audio visual company into their event when it is located inside of a hotel, sport venue or other special venues. There are many benefits in choosing an independent AV provider. If you have always worked with your hotel’s in-house audio visual team…you may not know the right way to go about hiring an independent company when your AV requirement is more than just standard data projector and screen. To hire external AV supplier is actually a lot easier than you think. Just follow these steps:


Step 1: Find out Venue Policy

All hotels have a policy on bringing in an outside vendor. You can find this information by asking the hotel representative that you are working with


Step 2: Don’t let the extra fee scare you

Most hotels will have extra charge to bring in an outside vendor, what we call TOD charge. But don’t let this get turn away from getting a quote from an independent AV provider. In most case, paying the fee and going with another AV company can actually still be more cost effective.


Step 3: Get a quote & compare

Get a quote from a few outside vendors and compare what will be the best choice for you. Find out any TOD charge or if hotel can be flexible on this


Step 4: Schedule a venue site inspection

If your chosen AV provider has not worked with your venue yet…schedule a site inspection with the AV Project Manager. They would need to check and record the ceiling/ heights and measurements, look at the types of entrances and exits that would be okay to block for AV setup

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