Want to understand what your audience is thinking? Live polling and Q&A sessions give you an insight into your audiences thoughts and beliefs.

Engage both on-site and remote audiences.

Audience polling and Q&A is already an essential component of any live event.  Connecting your on-site and a remote audience in real time, use multiple choice questions, open-answer questions and polling, all designed to simulate the live event experience.

Benefits of event polling.

      • Analysing audience opinion live, you have an instant way of measuring attendee’s satisfaction.
      • Including an interactive element you’re encouraging engagement, so your audience can get involved in live discussion.
      • Asking for feedback, you can understand the hot topics your audience is interested in.
      • Checking in with your audience, you can make sure they understand the message and content.
      • The audience simply submit their Q&A question, making the session more efficient.
      • Event Poll is perfect for your post event survey, you can assess your audience’s opinions before they leave the event.
      • Ask a variety of questions designed to keep your audience entertained and engaged from ice-breakers, and Q&A sessions to “Voting on Best Dressed” at social events
      • Event Poll is a useful tool which both in-room and webcast audiences can use.


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