White Night – State Library

The Library was flooded with bright lights and sweeping soundscapes on Saturday 20 February for White Night Melbourne, a dusk ‘til dawn celebration of culture and creativity across the city. More than 21,000 stargazers were mesmerised by Ideation in the Dome, a multi-sensory world of interwoven soundscapes and illuminated projections that explored the idea of the library as an ecosystem of imagination. Ideation was a collaboration between four Australian artists: Nick Azidis, Lisa Greenaway, Adem Jaffers and Bentley Dean.

We were proud to have worked with Lisa and Nick to provide the audio and soundscape for the room. Our team, lead by Darren Street, worked over three nights to perfect the sound, while our collaborators TDC mapped the dome with video projection.

It’s now the third year we’ve worked with State Library Victoria to help bring White Night together.

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